EpiPen expiry and replacement

EpiPen expiry date location on EpiPen itself

The effectiveness of the epinephrine in the EpiPen® and EpiPen Jr® Auto‑Injector may decrease after the expiration date - so you should replace them before the expiration date. Learn how to manage this today!

EpiPen Trainers

When you are first prescribed an EpiPen it can come as a big shock. You now need to carry this device around everywhere that you go - whether it is for yourself or for your child. Ensuring that you know how to use the EpiPen is critical - and training other people that care for you or for your child is absolutely vital.

House dust mite (Dust) allergy

House Dust Mites explained

The house dust mites (also known as bed mites) are too small to see, do not bite and are most common in humid areas such as coastal cities and towns, with levels decreasing in drier and inland areas. House dust mites eat moulds, fungi, dead mites, bacteria, pollen, or almost anything organic, but their favourite food is dead skin cells - which accumulate in our bedding, carpets, clothes, couches, etc.

To help yourself or others who suffer allergic asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis or eczema from house dust mites, consider the following

Simplified EpiPen instructions are a good thing

EpiPens with 3 second instruction label

I read last night about new instructions for administering the EpiPen and I have to say how exciting it is to see simplified instructions.

To be able to tell other people all they need to do is push the pen into the thigh and hold it there for 3 seconds is so much easier and simpler than they hold the person down administer the EpiPen keep it in 10 full seconds then rub for another 10 seconds. It's just great to know that the simpler instructions will be easier to remember, easier to understand, easier to implement should someone ever need to and are still just as effective.

Is your GP providing the best advice on allergies?

I recently attended a forum for parents of asthma and allergy sufferers. It was dynamic, positive and very informative. 

During these discussions it was interesting to hear how many people experienced insufficient support from their GP.